Thursday, June 24, 2010

props to Polly in the ATL

While I was in Atlanta this past weekend my exploring led to me getting lost (although I was not really trying to get anywhere in particular, so mostly I was just finding myself in questionable areas.)
At one point I got off the metro at a station that I thought was near Little 5 Points.
Turns out that it wasn't.
I ended up wandering for a good while past empty warehouses, highway overpasses, and a vacant train yard. It didn't take long for me to realize that I was going in the wrong direction, but I kept walking (although I'm not sure why.)
Amongst the abandoned trains and warehouses I came across a square building with a mural painted on the side. The door to the building was wide open and sunflowers lined the outside. It seemed strange, considering the rest of the scenery... kind of like a rabbit hole.
I walked inside the building and was greeted by a scruffy, blue eyed mutt.
... then I met Polly the Potter. She told me that the building was her home/studio and I was given the grand tour. She also offered to give me a ride to Little 5 Points, which was greatly appreciated, considering I would have had to walk about 4 more miles in order to get there.

It also turned out that it was Polly's birthday on the day following me stumbling upon her home, so I sent some stuff in the mail to say thank-you/happy birthday, including this patch.

Hope she likes it! I also made these cookies to send.. they are delicious.

Monday, June 21, 2010


I visited Atlanta this past weekend and did a whole lotta 'splorin.
One of the places I wound up over the course of the weekend was Atlanta's craft swap/party at the Young Blood Gallery. There were stations with materials and instructions for making several quick, crafty projects as well as a swapping area ...... pretty nifty.

I ended with scrap fabric and pages from old books (among other things), so I made some patches today.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

sicktime doodles.

I got the stomach bug the other day (or came down with food poisoning).

I'm feeling all better now though.

scrap papers