Tuesday, September 29, 2009

in memory of Good Burger.

I watched Good Burger yesterday, and it was incrediGOOD. Before yesterday I'd last seen it when I was seven and it was in theaters, so I could not fully appreciate this gem.
Kel Mitchell's character, Ed, was the pre-Spongebob, jolly fry cook. However, instead of a lethargic, lovable sidekick (i.e. Patrick Star), he befriends his special-sauce-a-swindlin' Good Burger co-worker, Dexter.
...This movie had everything; an organized dance in a mental ward, warnings of the negative effects of growth hormones in food, a SHAQ cameo, rollerblades... everything I tell ya! so I will leave you with something I'd long forgotten, the good burger theme song.

..and some Good Burger inspired doodles


Monday, September 28, 2009

shopping center cowboys and odd (slightly late) birthday gifts

I saw this fella sitting at a Panera Bread yesterday. He looked like a character, so I took his picture. (I also devised a potential life story, but I won't go into that, because I probably already seem like creep. oops.)

..... and today I received these marvelous gifts from my old neighbor, Ferrel. (Ferrel and her husband are probably amongst the most eccentric people I met in my hometown.. and those two definitely consume more Taka vodka than anyone I know..... but they're around 75, so I guess it doesn't matter at that point.)
...These striped socks and original painting by Ferrel were given with utmost sincerity, which does, indeed, make me smile.

Saturday, September 26, 2009

picture schmorgesborg

I saw a train carrying military vehicles pass by out in the country (i.e. Fairfield county/my hometown) yesterday.

"fantastic janitorial services" ... not sure why, but this made me giggle a little.

His House!
I got some roller skates for a dollar today.
They reminded me of my days as a roller-skating Sonic carhop. (and for pete's sake, I don't think I will ever work a fastfood job again.)
.... but I still like these skates, and I had fun rolling around my neighborhood.

pillow friends

I made these the other day. I have not sewn in a while and when I used to sew it was mostly to make/alter clothes, so I was rusty. These are made and stuffed with old t-shirts and handstitched (but you can't see really see the stiches because these photos are small.) I'm not sure if they're finished yet or if I like 'em, but I figured I'd post it anyway.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009


I recently acquired a whole bunch of stickers.
My friend Amy and I have been having fun doodling on them.
I have no idea what I'm going to do with them, but here are some of the results:


Also, today I recieved a birthday card (2daystilmybirthday!) in the mail from my friend, Jen, who I have known since I was just a weeee lass. It was waaaayyy nice, and she included this P.S.
Thanks, chica!
... and on a side note, I apologize to all of the people I used to write letters to regularly. I have been slack (which is actually why I started keeping this blog even though it's not personal or awesome in the way that mail is.)

Monday, September 21, 2009

I went to a poker party on Saturday

and this is what I came home with!

My roommate and I have been wanting a pet for a good while and on Saturday fate had its way with us.
We rescued this tarantula from a friend's house who was throwing a sweet, little poker party. They'd acquired it after it had been neglected for about 3 years and now it has been passed on to us.
... it's funny, beause we'd had our hearts set on a tarantula in the 5 Points Pet Store for the past 3 months (which is a eons for a flaky girl, like myself) but sadly we could not afford it when life requires you to pay for things like rent and groceries. We'd even named the tarantula Ophelia.
.... We were going to name this one Ophelia II, but it turns out that it's a male (yes, we learned how to identify the sex.) Therefore, Hamlet seemed like an appropriate name for our new buddy. (And Hamlet he is!)
... His terrarium hadn't been cleaned for about a year, so we got supplies to clean it/redo it, and boy, is it delightful now!
... and watching this massive spider is completely fascinating.
Plus, a tarantula is the cactus of pets, so I don't think that too much can go wrong, unless somehow it escapes.
I guess that's just the risk we run.

Saturday, September 19, 2009

city paper: savage love

quick doodles du'jour.
I was reading the city paper.. good stuff, eh.

an honest-to-goodness posse!

At around 2am this morning, I encountered Jamie Foxx's posse.

My friend and I thought we'd end the night with a good-old-fashioned swim at the (always classy) Vista Hilton pool. (I've done my fair share of pool hopping in Cola, and the Hilton is where it's at.. plus, pretending to be Hilton guest adds to the experience.)
When we arrived at the Hilton, I was intrigued when I saw a large tour bus and stretch SUV limo parked outside. The lobby was filled with an entourage of folks that looked like extras from a ghetto-fab rap video.
... so I inquired about the brouhaha and learned that it was a result of this.
After a quick dip in the beloved Hilton pool, I chatted it up with the posse, and sadly, picture-taking was not welcomed kindly, so this is all I've got for ya:


she told me she "dances for Jamie."
it's been a fun night.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

our lady,

of Guadalupe.

... a while back I bought some candles from a "tienda" just for fun.
I tried drawing a cartoon-y Lady of Guadalupe (she was pictured on one of these candles) on a piece of wood that was sitting in my kitchen.
..... then I glued a bunch of sequins onto the wood because, well..
I dunno. Gaudiness and holiness. getsyaeverytime.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

ode to beau.. and bananas

I went to my momma's house this weekend.
I was able to play with my favorite dog in the whole wide world; Beau.

Beau is the happiest, laziest plump dog to ever roam the planet...
It is hard to get this dog to move... unless there is a banana present. This dog is a BANANA FIEND. it's a little bizarre
I am afraid that I am the kind of person that talks to their animals and gives them them human traits and takes entirely too many photos of them and makes bad puns about going bananas. With that being said, I give you Beau eating a banana:

Saturday, September 12, 2009

last night,

I got into quite some bar fight.

I fell off my bike, and scraped up the left side of my body.
... but I was feeling especially proud of this ole black eye.

Monday, September 7, 2009


myrtle beach surprise vaca with my momma

... we went out to eat... there was a baby at the bar, just as expected:

while waiting to eat breakfast:

While taking a walk, I witnessed a group of seniors in the midst of interpretational dance class

a kindred spirit:

tie dye cross t-shirt.. SWEET.

it's fun and games, I swan-eeeee!
and I am white and pasty too! horay!
WARNING, this is gross... but I burnt my finger while cooking and it got a little infected, and I didn't realize this until Sunday. mmmmm... infected finger.