Wednesday, July 8, 2009

psychedelic cupcakes + mac n' cheeeez, please

Yesterday was another jolly good day in babysitting land. We ventured over to where I live and whipped up some homemade mac n cheese.
Then we baked a batch of funky cupcakes while listening to cheesy 80's power ballads and dancing like buffoons around the kitchen. All in all, I like my "job."

Also, during the final weeks of the school year I discovered that the box spring from a twin sized bed was being thrown away outside of a dorm near the corner of Greene and Bull Street. This box spring was remarkably similar to an over-sized canvas, so with some help from my friend Sam, the box spring/canvas was carried from the dorm to the house where I live( which is a considerable distance.) It was also raining on that particular day, but we did not mind.
.... This backstory isn't important, but I hadn't really made use of this item until yesterday... but hopefully there will soon be some collaborative decorating.

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