Sunday, September 19, 2010


The other day I found some pictures I took during the summer of 2009... I kinda like these ones.
During that summer a helped out a lady named Angela who lived in a retirement home near 5 Points. I met Angela one day while I was at Adriana's and she told me she'd give me German lessons if I helped her out around her house.

.... So, I visited her and listened to her tales. She spoke in a distinct vernacular: a thick German accent crossed with American military-speak. (Her ex- husband, who she referred to as "the ex-coward" was a U.S. soldier and she had grown up in Berlin.)
I ran errands for her and helped her out with a number of tasks (mostly tasks involving technology that was developed after 1980.) She even requested that I call her cell phone provider and yell at them for their poor service. A friendly discussion on the terms of her agreement just wouldn't cut it.. she suggested I let them know that they are "JERKOS," (a word she used frequently.)

I stopped seeing Angela after my fifth or sixth visit because each time I'd come she'd ask me to perform a number of household tasks while she chain smoked and rambled on about stupid Americans and never got around to teaching me any German.
(I do admit that she was endearing but I can only do so much.)
anyway, here are some pictures :

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