Saturday, October 24, 2009

job perks

Adventure of the day in babysitting land: Halloween Extravaganza

Today I took Sydney to her classmate's Halloween party and (I swan-eeeey) I've never been to a Halloween party quite like this one (and it was hosted for a first grade class, none the less.)
The family throwing the party had set up a 2 story haunted house and a hayride route.
.... to all you Hocus Pocus fans, it reminded me of a child's version of the party that the character, "Allison" was hosting.

inside the haunted house:

There was a kid who sported a Micheal Jackson costume:

Taking the girls that I babysit to school events/classmate's parties is always a little awkward because I can't exactly chat it up and sip wine/ (World Market) beer with the parents at the party, but I'm seemingly too old to enjoy all of the nifty things set up for the kids. Usually I sit quietly by myself and read.
.. but I do have trouble practicing self-restraint/better judgement, so tonight I jumped on a trampoline with silly first graders (and it was jolly good, no kidding.)

And I enjoyed some tasty baked goods from the spread

so yes, my place in life has its perks.

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  1. i really like the second and second to last pictures alotlot. second second.