Saturday, October 31, 2009

the past two days have been an all around good time.
On Thursday I went to Asheville to see Why? and traipsed around the Blue Ridge region.
some pictures from along the way:
We went apple picking at "Grandma's Apple Orchard"

and Ziggy joined us on the journey
Downtown Asheville:
A line of segways (sp?):

... On Friday Amy and I hosted Monster Bash at our house, the party that followed the Monster Mass bike ride.

My Halloween costume:

The next day:
Also, to whoever wrote on my kitchen wall in sharpie, congratulations. Your work really complements the kitchen well.
yeah, so other than the existence of jerk-faces who write on kitchen walls, it was a blast.


  1. i wanna hang out and do cool shit. me and my friends just get drunk and fight.

  2. jerk-faces! i wish i coulda gone. dish detergent gets sharpie off real easy. or at least it got my sharpie mustache off real easy.