Thursday, November 5, 2009


For most of this week I did not have a usable bike. This resulted in me walking most everywhere, since I really don't like driving and I am kind of terrible at it. Walking was pretty cool, because I noticed a bunch of things that I pass everyday that I had never noticed before. (I did have to get up exceptionally early though, because my classes begin at 8/ 9 and I live a little less than 2 miles away from campus.)
... and although I noticed a variety of things, the amount of dead animals on the sidewalk threw me a little.

Also, this ice-cream truck was parked on Greene Street the other day, carnival music playing and all. It looked a little suspicious... just sayin'. (and isn't it the wrong season for ice-cream trucks?)

I also started a new job this week (I am still a babysitter (2.o!) as well)
If you live in Columbia, you can probably guess where I will be til the wee hours of the morning:

It's pretty cool though... and at the end of the shift I will end up with entirely too many cookies to take home, so if you're jonesin' for (free) cookies at around 3 am, I am the person to talk to.
AND (finally, right?) I received this as I walked down Greene Steet today. (I know it's blurry because my scanner has been acting funky)
... and I know that its purpose is to preach God's word (or something like that), but upon first reading it I thought they'd referred to "God" as Yehaw, which entertained me for a good couple of minutes.

... I don't know why those pamphlet-toting evangelist always look so sad/angry or why most of them have terrible dental hygiene, but I really hope that they are content.


  1. whoa! do you work for Insomnia? ...are they still hiring? heh..

  2. yup! ... not sure if they're still hiring, but you should apply.... I just went in and asked for an application and then I was hired

  3. So happy to meet you while you are out on a walk! I've enjoyed checking out your blog.