Tuesday, November 3, 2009

better late than never?

I know that it has already been November for about three days, but these are pictures documenting (last minute) costume making:
... My friend was Woody for Halloween and I made a (cow print) vest complete with a pull string:

And this is what happens to a bathroom when a SPAGETT wig is made:

... and I saw these cards in Target. Not sure why, but they made me laugh a little. (and yes, those are the actual inside greetings.)


  1. Fabio's Spagett costume was so good. I loved it. Have you seen the episode where Spielberg guest stars? They basically turn Spagett into a major motion picture and it totally flops but Spagett gets his face tattooed all red and his hairline surgically altered. The Obamarama cards are funny, too.

  2. whoa! I just realized the pull-string (very slow dana today)-that's so awesome!