Sunday, August 2, 2009

the infamous Mount Zion..

I decided to go to my hometown this weekend, mostly because I had an overwhelming urge to hang with my little brother (not kidding) and because I wanted to dodge my landlord so that I could avoid paying rent for a little while.

I spent my Sunday partaking in what one may call middle school bliss. Middle schoolers have an uncanny desire to explore the places you're not supposed to explore (and it turns out that I have yet to outgrow these urges.)

... so when my little brother asked me if I wanted to break into the abandoned school (known as Mnt. Zion) near our house I probably should have said, "No! That's dangerous! You should know better."
Instead I said, "Yeah, why not... do we have a flashlight?"

.... I ended up prowling through this school that has been neglected for atleast 30 years with my little brother and his best friend, Blair (who is kind of like a little sister/cousin hybrid.)
Responsible role model? I think not... but what can you do? Maybe I should be embarrassed but shame's for people who know better.

...So here are some photos of all the dilapidated glory (or low budget horror movie gold... or an ideal future residence for squatters)

there it is, the Fairfield County right of passage

shower room

.. and I saw this sign on the walk home (and added in some "paint"-style editing)

... my little bro and I made this doodle later in the evening.

that's all, folks

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