Sunday, August 30, 2009


Today was another day fueled by impulse.
It was decided this morning that a canine companion would be a wonderful addition to my current home, so my roomie and I took a trip over to the local animal shelter. However, after signing some paper work I realized that getting a dog was probably a terrible idea and decided to leave without a new animal friend. As we were leaving I noticed a large, brilliantly colored caterpillar sitting on the fence surrounding the shelter. It looked very alien/Alice in Wonderland-esque, and it kind of excited me way more than any of the dogs in the shelter, which probably means that I am better off not owning a dog.

this is the dog I almost took home though: (It seemed especially noble)

and now that I think about it, the kittens in the shelter looked a little extra-terrestrial to me...

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