Monday, September 28, 2009

shopping center cowboys and odd (slightly late) birthday gifts

I saw this fella sitting at a Panera Bread yesterday. He looked like a character, so I took his picture. (I also devised a potential life story, but I won't go into that, because I probably already seem like creep. oops.)

..... and today I received these marvelous gifts from my old neighbor, Ferrel. (Ferrel and her husband are probably amongst the most eccentric people I met in my hometown.. and those two definitely consume more Taka vodka than anyone I know..... but they're around 75, so I guess it doesn't matter at that point.)
...These striped socks and original painting by Ferrel were given with utmost sincerity, which does, indeed, make me smile.


  1. haha you shouldn't feel like a creep, Marcie and I devised this whole life story around a couple we suspect was on an internet blind date at Adrianas. They met in the "Brace Yourself for Dating!" chat room (we also added the detail that they have adult braces...heh) and only discuss weather and brace wax. the cowboy smoking a cigar?

    On a side note: my brother Drew works at Panera (Garners Ferry one?). So if you saw someone lookin' a bit like Grizzly Adams (unless he shaved the beard away...) it may have been him!!!

  2. brace yourself... that's an execptionally good pun.

    ... making up stories about strangers really is the best.

    ... and yes, the cowboy is smoking a cigar.. AND he was using a blackberry.. AND a laptop.

    ... but I did not see any bearded Panera employees, to my dismay.