Monday, September 21, 2009

I went to a poker party on Saturday

and this is what I came home with!

My roommate and I have been wanting a pet for a good while and on Saturday fate had its way with us.
We rescued this tarantula from a friend's house who was throwing a sweet, little poker party. They'd acquired it after it had been neglected for about 3 years and now it has been passed on to us.
... it's funny, beause we'd had our hearts set on a tarantula in the 5 Points Pet Store for the past 3 months (which is a eons for a flaky girl, like myself) but sadly we could not afford it when life requires you to pay for things like rent and groceries. We'd even named the tarantula Ophelia.
.... We were going to name this one Ophelia II, but it turns out that it's a male (yes, we learned how to identify the sex.) Therefore, Hamlet seemed like an appropriate name for our new buddy. (And Hamlet he is!)
... His terrarium hadn't been cleaned for about a year, so we got supplies to clean it/redo it, and boy, is it delightful now!
... and watching this massive spider is completely fascinating.
Plus, a tarantula is the cactus of pets, so I don't think that too much can go wrong, unless somehow it escapes.
I guess that's just the risk we run.


  1. whoa that's a really cool home he has. Taryn Tula would be a fitting name, too, if you were to re-christen him. It's also cool that you went to a poker party and the first picture is a finger...poking the tarantula.

  2. or wait. Taryn Chula might be more phonetically correct.