Saturday, September 19, 2009

an honest-to-goodness posse!

At around 2am this morning, I encountered Jamie Foxx's posse.

My friend and I thought we'd end the night with a good-old-fashioned swim at the (always classy) Vista Hilton pool. (I've done my fair share of pool hopping in Cola, and the Hilton is where it's at.. plus, pretending to be Hilton guest adds to the experience.)
When we arrived at the Hilton, I was intrigued when I saw a large tour bus and stretch SUV limo parked outside. The lobby was filled with an entourage of folks that looked like extras from a ghetto-fab rap video.
... so I inquired about the brouhaha and learned that it was a result of this.
After a quick dip in the beloved Hilton pool, I chatted it up with the posse, and sadly, picture-taking was not welcomed kindly, so this is all I've got for ya:


she told me she "dances for Jamie."
it's been a fun night.

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