Tuesday, September 29, 2009

in memory of Good Burger.

I watched Good Burger yesterday, and it was incrediGOOD. Before yesterday I'd last seen it when I was seven and it was in theaters, so I could not fully appreciate this gem.
Kel Mitchell's character, Ed, was the pre-Spongebob, jolly fry cook. However, instead of a lethargic, lovable sidekick (i.e. Patrick Star), he befriends his special-sauce-a-swindlin' Good Burger co-worker, Dexter.
...This movie had everything; an organized dance in a mental ward, warnings of the negative effects of growth hormones in food, a SHAQ cameo, rollerblades... everything I tell ya! so I will leave you with something I'd long forgotten, the good burger theme song.

..and some Good Burger inspired doodles


  1. ohmygosh. haha my parents thought I was one weird kid for liking this movie. I miss Kel Mitchell, he got me into drinking orange soda.

  2. just hangin out just havin FUHUHUHWUUHN!!!!